Asset maintenance management

Companies that are concerned with asset maintenance management have better results and ensure being more competitive in their markets. The inflated cost of undertaking this work internally means that many organizations run their businesses without indicators; therefore, make decisions based on intuition.

We at CNCMOVE simplify this complex task using the right tools to achieve results alongside tooling companies. We apply the maintenance techniques of large corporations so that tooling companies can be dedicated to their primary goal: making molds.

How does our asset management
plan work?

Machinery analysis and auditing

Proper management is only possible when you have the history and understanding of the equipment status. Hence, our first step is to conduct a detailed survey of the actual equipment conditions.

Action plan creation

Based on the information collected, a team of experts analyze, and study causes and effects to create an action plan to solve problems and streamline production results.

Implementing Adjustments

Experienced professionals conduct the actions and deploy the necessary improvements to restore the best performance for the equipment.

Monthly monitoring

We periodically generate maintenance plans that track and create trends and optimize machine efficiency and accuracy. The information is shared with customers to define the plant's OEE.

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If the efficiency of your tooling company is important to you, contact us. We will ensure your CNC equipment is available and accurate.

Maintenance and technical support

CNCMOVE provides technical support in machine tools with specialization in CNC machines (computer numerical control).

  • Geometric certification
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Machine refurbishment
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Calibration with Ballbar Renishaw

Laboratory services

Our laboratory is the extension of our field service. Through movelab, we conduct the repairs that in the past needed to be sent out of state. Through test jigs and improved testing techniques, we can confirm and guarantee the results of our repairs.

  • Spindle and electrospindle
  • Servomotor
  • Ball screw
  • Circuit boards
  • Refrigerators

Machine Sales

Our work has stood out with important international machinery manufacturers in the mold industry and aluminum tooling segment.

Given this scenario, CNCMOVE looked for premium brands, and it found another business opportunity for Brazil.

In this context, movemach was created and starts to operate as a machine business agent in Brazil.

  • Mold adjustment press
  • Process and Drilling machine
  • Aluminum tooling machine

Parts Sales

We are partners of TUDOCNC, and we work together on the specification and compatibility of parts and itens necessary for technical intervention in the machines. This business relationship creates a safe and assertive environment when it comes to buying parts, avoiding errors or delays in the process.


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If your tooling efficiency is important to you, contact us.
We will keep your CNC equipment available and accurate.