Increased MTBF and reduced MTTR

By applying preventive maintenance strategies and managing the results, we were able to reduce the number of support tickets by 43% for one of our customers.

The significant result is a 20% increase in availability of machines for production process, performing only the necessary interventions assertively.

Parameter optimization and 18% productivity gain

After the implementation of MARCO ZERO and with the machine restored to the original factory mechanical conditions, it was possible to perfect the dynamic parameters of the machine, thus achieving an 18% improvement of machining time between what was planned in the CAM x performed in CNC.

In this case, we find the best parameterization according to the process and the tools used by the customer without compromising the constructive limits of the machines designed by the manufacturers. Applied to the other machines, the overall gain was 25%.

Spotting press installation with mold capacity of up to 100 t.

We were challenged to complete the assembly with a factory specialist and managed to reduce the assembly scheduled time by 50%. Our technical team executed the assembly schedule in record time according to the manufacturer's experience.

The result for this work was so surprising that the manufacturer SXKH established a business partnership with our company.

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