Does your business have any of these problems?

  • Regular corrective maintenance
  • Delayed response time for technical support
  • High rework rate
  • Lack of data for decision making
  • Lack of maintenance management
  • Low machining performance
  • Constant alarms and failures

If your tooling efficiency is important to you, we can help.

We provide technical services focused on training, as well as optimizing and maintaining CNC machines.

With our Marco Zero process, we map the general conditions of the equipment and then create an Action Plan listing what must be corrected to transform machine downtime into results.


CNC maintenance service

With over 15 years of experience in CNC maintenance, we feel confident in supplying premium technical support to our customers and businesses partners.

Less downtime, more productivity and profit

Equipped with Vibration Tester, Ballbar test, Thermographic Camera, and precision instruments,
we conduct pre and post correction diagnoses to generate indicators of the achieved results.

Grounded on Corrective, Preventive and Predictive maintenance techniques,
we have refined the concepts for what we call Detective Maintenance.

What do our customers say about CNCMOVE?

The CNCMOVE business stands out for its technical knowledge to solve its customers problems. Thus, being trusted and recognized by everyone.

Luiz Carlos Segatta Coordinator of mold design and tooling.

Britânia / Philco

Experience with large customers

We are pleased of supporting the maintenance of CNC machines
for big names in the market


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If your tooling efficiency is important to you, contact us.
We will keep your CNC equipment available and accurate.